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Mohamed Saleem

(AKA) Mr Halal

Mr Halal Web Portal is probably the Only Primary Source for halal consumers.
Mohammed Saleem (AKA) Mr Halal is the most respected and experienced Halal meat lobbyist in both UK and mainland Europe.
Mr Halal's experience has made him the most sought after lobbyist in the industry, including DEFRA(Department of Environment Forestry & Rural Affairs), FSA (Food Standard Agency, EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive), AHDB Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board), Houses of Parliament & EU Parliament.
Saleem has been a policy director for ANSA, Council European Halal Consumers, where his career frequently has taken him to attend and represent high profile consultations and regularity reviews. Trained by the British Broadcasting Corporation and many other independent media houses.
Saleem has managed a number of strategic marketing campaigns, producing reports and corporate adverts for high profile clients. Saleem is known as a highly knowledgeable spokesperson and a critique on the unnecessary regulatory burden on the Halal Industry..

Halal consumers spend in the UK

According to Citizen Advice Bureau, UK consumers spend around 90 billion Pounds a month making Halal spent to be around 22.5 billion Pounds, and in such economic environment transparent rights of the Halal Consumers will help them to make informed and halal choices, when they make purchases as well as secure eternal rewards for following Islamic principles. We shall establish a board of technical experts to seek regular opinion and raise awareness and provide guidance on honest halal products and services. The aims and objectives of Mr Halal is to promote through Education, training workshops, create a better understanding of Halal to both muslims and the wider community. working for the betterment of halal consumers and the industry.