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Labour in Islam

Doing something or contribute in the form of energy, thoughts and ideas to a firm or organisation to produce goods or services.
All legitimate employment is counted Islamic worship.
Islamic labour promotes the fact that you are not only working the worldly affairs but also for the after life: and after life is what primarily counts for a muslim Labour is not merely a total workforce or the services offered to the buyer of the workforce.
Both the employer and the employee have a moral and social responsibility that they must adhere to.
All efforts made by man/women whether it be intellectual or physical they are to be rewarded.
This concept encompasses all who do the same work who use physical force or ingenuity to get the job. Whether intentional reward in the form of money, you sustain and property.


1) Iman (faith) = Muslims must have faith in Allah S.W.T and Rasullulah and then do all religious instruction and leave the things that forbidden.
2) Takwa (piety) = Afraid of Allah S.W.T and believe that every action is monitored by Allah S.W.T.
3)(preserve the dignity and religion) = Muslims should keep their dignity and religion and carry out responsibilities with trust and sincerity.
4) Istiqamah (continuous and consistent) = Muslims are required to work hard and never give up to achieve their best. Meaning of haram ( unlawful). Haram is an Arabic term that meaning sinful and an action which is forbidden. The Haram (unlawful) things are very little and it is based on Islamic law that forbid it ( Al-quran and Sunnah). The reason why several things are Haram in Islam because : They go Against the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. Something is against with the values, ethics and morals of society. bring harm and a bad effect on human health and life.

What is Halal?

Halal is not just about how the animal throat is slit however it s complete way of life for over 25% of the world population. (PEW 2009)
Halal cannot and must not be isolated from any aspect of one's life and organisation. For example, it may be easy to find slaughtered animal, but more than this requirement, and granting that the animal was fed with Halal feeds, the means of acquiring this animal/chicken has to be Halal. This means that the money used to purchase the animal must be Halal. The source of the animal has to be Halal It could not be that you eat Halal foods, but you use non-Halal cosmetics or engage in non-Halal activities or non-Halal means of earning income.
The person has to be living in a Halal residence and wearing Halal clothing. It could not also be that you utilises the environment in an unsustainable manner then assume it is Halal.
Halal also means protecting the right of all those affected by one's action.

- people, animals, plants, even inanimate objects for the benefits of the current to the future generations. Would it be hard to promote Halal as a product and as a way of life? If we consider that as of now more than 80% of the foods that Muslims eat came from non-Muslims and that majority of financial transactions today are yet to become Halal, it is a great challenge.
However, if we look into Halal as the highest standard of products over and above Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) , Good Health Practices (GHP), International Organization for Standards (ISO) and all other quality assurances, it is not hard to promote Halal even to non-Muslims.
It may take some time, but there are a lot of people determined to make Halal a way of life for all. There is just no better alternative to Halal. For example, unbridled capitalism resulted to widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

Consider that the top ten riches men in the world own wealth more than the combined GNP of 30 poorer nations. In the Philippines, only 10% of the population controls 90% of the resources.
The other extreme, communism, is simply a worse alternative. Fixed interest bearing loans resulted to corruption, or theft, of the rich from the vulnerable poor, making the rich richer and the poor poorer.
It would take an entire book by itself to give detailed explanations on this proposition, but the resultant scenario is easier to discern. The result is a world now where 300 million people dominate other more than 5 billion people of the world. Too much emphasis on financial wealth is a manifestation of greed not caring if it leads to wanton destruction of the ecological balance that is threatening our very existence, or the future generations..